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3 Simple Tips to Getting Accepted in CPA Networks

September 30, 2010 | In: Business

Trying to get approved by a CPA network can be difficult, but mostly it’s due to not knowing how to fill out the application. These tips will teach you everything you need to know about getting approved by any CPA network.

Not all of you who read this has a website, but if you do or can get one up quickly, then that will go far with increasing your chances of being approved. Every CPA network has a policy that you tell them what website you’ll be using to run their offers. Do avoid free hosting accounts because they come with advertising from the hosting company or probably “their” CPA offers. Dating, health, education or anything in business are good site themes for CPA offers. As an example, the weight loss category or something in insurance would be excellent site themes. Having a good website makes the whole approval process much faster and easier. Do not apply and list a site that has material that would be objectionable for the usual reasons you should already know. Your best bet is to go for a site that is closely related to the niche you want to target with the CPA offers. If you’re new to marketing online, keep that to yourself and do not tell them how green and wet behind the ears you are. Perhaps the main reason for anyone being turned-down is they don’t have any experience. When they do ask about it, tell them you have about a year’s worth of experience under your belt. They may ask if you belong to any other networks, and just answer honestly about it. It’s all about lowering risk as much as possible, and that is all it is – nothing personal to you. It’s all about being careful and protecting their assets, so that’s why all of this happens. They’re just trying to get the warmest fuzzy about you as possible, so cooperate as much as possible.

You want the manager to think your application is one from a company that’s looking to do serious business. When your application is submitted, the affiliate manager will most likely visit your site to see that it’s up and running and to see if it has appropriate content. The affiliate manager will also look over your site to see if you have CPA ads from other networks, which can go a long way towards proving your integrity. If you do have ads from other CPA networks, make sure they’re showing brightly on your page. This will cause the manager to look favorably towards you and you just might make the approval process go quicker. Try the best you can to get into the better CPA networks, and things can go really well for you.

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