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5 Proven Marketing Methods for Your Business

April 29, 2010 | In: Uncategorized

Whether you are looking for a Calgary Web Design team or looking for a creative design for a new logo, you need the key areas covered to market your business successfully online.

Here are 5 key methods to market your business online

1. Get a unique brand for your Calgary Business – getting a professional logo design is a great start, but it is also vital to plan your branding, which is based on the customer experience and how your Calgary company is interpreted by the customer from near and afar. Get a logo and supporting collateral such as business cards, brochures, signage at least and during this process work through basic marketing factors such as demographics, culture, sales region and budgeting for advertising.

2. Invest in a professionally built Calgary Web Design- Once you have the branding planned and established you can move this onto the Web by getting a custom site that supports your branding and business model. Ideally, you will secure  a domain, a calgary website and domain-based email addresses. The web site must reflect the corporate identity, provide essential information about your company and also provide service to generate sales. If e-commerce is not a suitable fit for your company’s services, you can use a custom form to direct and define sales, or use an online chat system to join with your customer directly.   

3. Market your Web presence Online – this includes having an active custom web design, email list and any active submissions to groups, help sites or forums. You can also earn traffic and sales by actively managing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns each week. Examples of this are commenting on blogs, getting back links to your site and running paid advertisements in search engines and directories. The more focused and niche-based your campaigns are online, the better results you will have. But, keep in mind that you need to research what people are looking for and balance those results with what you’d like them to see.

4. Market your Web presence Offline – this is the only way you can charm people to your online business when they are not at their computer. Look at any magazine from the early 1990’s (if you can find one) and I wager it will be nearly impossible to find ads with web addresses in them. These days classified ads, paper ads, posters, uniforms, video, tv, vehicle signage, stationary and pretty much any media channel is used by Calgary businesses to promote their Web presence. If your website is e-commerce enabled, then your offline marketing efforts can sustain draw targeted traffic to your company just by handing out a business card. The customer may never call your number, but they may well purchase something from you with nothing more than a good first impression.

5. Be Consistent and be Professional
– in all cases, whether online or offline, be consistent with your branding and communications. Being professional does not mean being overly conservative, but it does require conscious attention to details. For example, simple typos in an introductory letter or a broken link on your web site can detract from the overall image of your company. Make sure you follow your initial branding plan and mission statement and triple-check any published items that cannot be easily changed.

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