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Blogging for Maximum PR Benefit

May 31, 2010 | In: Business

All good relationships take time and effort and that holds especially true with PR. MyPRGenie features a wide variety of tools that helps each business develop its own online newsroom that allows each release they create to be automatically tagged and search engine ready for the World Wide Web.

A company blog site can also be a great public relations tool. If done properly, blogs can help build traffic for the company’s website and establish the writer or writers as industry experts.

The public relations experts at MyPRGenie strongly suggest that each business follow these critical steps for developing and maintaining a strong and consistent blog site. This will help the company increase exposure by reaching a wider and more diverse audience.

Here are some tips for getting started in blogging from the social media PR experts at MyPRGenie:

1. Choose your blog platform

You can host your blog on your own website, or choose from the free blog-hosting options, such as Wordpress.org, Wordpress.com, Blogger.com and Tumblr.com. (A side note: Wordpress.com is easier to use than Wordpress.org, but Wordpress.org gives you more control.) With free blog sites, users are limited by the site templates and themes. Hosting your own blog allows you to customize and reap revenues from any advertising.

2. Bring in the traffic

The easiest way to build an audience is to post fresh content several times a week. Another way to ramp up traffic is to read and comment on other blogs focused in the same market. Always add a link back to your blog whenever you comment and write a genuine response. Sync up Google Analytics to track your blog’s traffic.

3. Welcome the comments

A company blog will attract both positive and negative comments. Your business should welcome both. Respond quickly to negative comments and don’t try to restrict negative comments too severely. Ask those who comment to register their e-mails, or to at least be respectful in their posts.

4. Utilize RSS feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are an easy way for blog readers to subscribe to your blogs. Make sure you add the tool if you’re hosting your blog on your own website. RSS is already integrated into almost all of the free blog sites.

5. Learn from fellow bloggers

Check out the most popular blogs that target your industry to learn what people are reading. Technorati.com categorizes blogs by interest and traffic.

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