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How To Avoid List Marketing Mistakes

April 29, 2010 | In: Uncategorized

In this article we will review the new software of Brad Callen, called SEO Link Vine.

Most successful internet marketers admit that they would’ve built a list first when asked the question: what would you do differently if you had a chance to start over with the same knowledge that you have now? Building a list of subscribers that already want to know more about what you are selling and then sending then valuable information that will increase the chances of them buying from you is an easy way to increase your sales. Anybody can read about how awesome list building is. But doing something with the info is something else. How will you go about building your list. How do you manage your email list? Building a list is easy when you know so correct steps to take.This is why blog networks like SEOLinkVine are so important.

You never want to bore your readers, or present them with stale content – plus, make sure you write them well. Just like in English class, no typos and no grammar mistakes. Always avoid hurrying when you write because it rarely works out very well regarding mistakes and other errors. You may see a small spike in “unsubs” from your list when they read the “hastily written” email. Good, engaging, and topically relevant emails will almost always be read, plus it may even be forwarded. And your list will become larger one subscriber at a time after its forwarded.

Use offline opportunities to build your list. Networking events, conventions and meetings are great places to gather e-mail addresses for your list. You will want to create a short form to take along with you so you can record emails of interested parties. You could even fill it out for them if they are willing to give you their e-mail address verbally. Don’t discount the effectiveness of this technique because there aren’t many internet marketers doing this; it is a unique approach that will be a powerful addition to your list building strategy. There is no need to over complicate this, just find an event that is in your niche and then inform people that you have a newsletter that will benefit them and ask for permission to send it to their in-box. Viola! Now go use this technique that other internet marketers are unaware of.

Advertising can be a very effective way to build your list. You can advertise your website or newsletter, perhaps with some incentive like a free gift. The best places to advertise are those read by people interested in your topic, such as related websites or blogs or even offline bulletin boards or classifieds.

This is a simple but effective way to increase the size of your list quickly. Many marketers overlook this perfectly sound and honest method of creating an e-mail list.

You can use many different techniques to build a targeted e-mail list that grows over time. You have to think creatively and always be looking for new ways to build your list! Think of your list as something you have to publicize and promote, just as you would an affiliate site or product.

Building a large and profitable list is something that you have to put some work into. Once your list reaches a certain level, though, you will find that it can be a real cash cow!

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