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Inspiring Tips On Discovering What Your Readers Are Really Thinking

October 30, 2010 | In: Business

Have you ever received one of those surveys in the mail after visiting some random store where you gave them your address? One of the most prominent questions is, “What did you like and what can we improve on?” These questions will almost always be worded differently, the point is the same — they really want to hear your opinion about their service and want to know how good a job they are doing. As a way of getting in touch with your readers, good surveys are really critical, as you can find out what is of importance to them.

Surveys are quite helpful in most cases. Anyone can sell a product online and get a few sales, but not everyone can tap into what their readers want to create lifelong customers. This would mean repeat business, which as anyone with a University education should know, is better than one-time hits over the course of a few weeks.

What is the Point of Surveys?

In a survey, you will gauge the reader’s opinion of something. This information is useful for creating a variety of things like:

• A better way of handling customer-service
• A new product line
• New programs
• New services
• An improvement in sales

You have to do something for them, before any of this can be achieved. Don’t let this information go to waste in any way. It’s possible to use online business companies to conduct your surveys, to correlate all the information that you would receive. It is much easier from your point of view and you will get a rundown of everything they discover as part of the survey process.

Now the rest is entirely up to you. It’s best to start by creating a spreadsheet that includes all of the responses given. In the majority of situations it is far better to create a survey that offers lettered choices, rather than write-in boxes. Now for your online business development, you can create a ranking of all responses. Use this as a framework for coming up with ways to try and make changes in answer to what your readers would like to see.

Reader Responses

You may have to do a few surveys to get readers to take them seriously. As an online customer, you know that sometimes surveys are simply for show. After all, many companies go through the motions of asking you for your input, but never seem to do anything after you have suggested some options. But, all of them are not like that – not by a long shot.

Almost any virtual assistant firm would tell you that this is where the relationship building begins with your readers on this front. Make a point of only trying to change one thing at a time. When you can, draw attention to this, so that readers do know that you are listening to them. This will ensure that more people take the surveys in future, helping you to push your business forward. And to take advantage of this quickly, seriously consider taking on a solo virtual assistant, or even a virtual assistant team to maximise your efforts in a very short span of time.

Give it a try. Most of your readers are willing to help you, if you are willing to help them. After all, you can’t always read their mind and if you can give them what they want they’ll be more apt to stick with you for the long haul instead of finding someone else who can.

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