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On-Line Business Networks and Careers

April 17, 2010 | In: Business

Social Networking, Business Networking…. a Good or Bad Idea for a Security Professional?

On-Line networking   – does it have a place in business? Who uses  business / social networks? Are there risks related to using business / social networks?

Linkedin, MySpace, Twitter, FastPitch, Spoke, Plaxo, facebook,…all of these business / social  networks are growing. There are many good reasons to build a profile on a business or social network. Let’s explore a few reasons why a security  professional may want to be found on-line while also exploring a few cautions one should consider before building an on-line profile.

Just over five years ago, I rolled the dice so to speak and started building a professional business network on LinkedIn. I say rolled the dice because nobody knew if LinkedIn would amount to anything several years ago so the risk was that I’d be  squandering  my time. After a lot of hard work, my network today includes approximately 20 million people from around the globe. Though I can’t prove it and it wouldn’t be of any value if I could prove it, I’m likely sitting on one of the largest gathering of security professionals in the world and it  grows daily.

What is the value of such  an expansive  network? Not much until I build new relationships with security professionals day-after-day. Security professionals who have built professional profiles on LinkedIn and area visible in my network put themselves in a position to be found  when I have searches on my desk requiring their skills and experience.

Another value of having a large  network on LinkedIn is the opportunity for me to be found by decision makers  in companies that are in search of a security recruiting specialist. My corporate brand has been found and continues to be found around the globe as a result of building professional profiles on LinkedIn, Plaxo, facebook, FastPitch and Spoke.

Okay, so you’re not in the security recruiting profession as I am and my objectives don’t match up to your objectives. Think about why you would want to be found on-line. Think about the information you need to build into a profile to be found for the reasons you want to be found. Have a strategy  in mind and don’t just put information on-line without a plan. Don’t put anything on-line that you might later regret having in the public domain.

Know your employer’s security policies and procedures with regards to on-line networking. My sister-in-law works for a Chicago bank that forbids its employees to have facebook accounts that mention the bank’s name.  Can her employer impose such a rule on it’s employees?  I don’t know but you sure don’t want to find out the hard way if your employer has a similar policy.  Violating such a  security policy  could cost you a job.

Be cautious  about what you put on-line but don’t be afraid to use on-line resources to build your personal brand. Build your Internet presence with a plan and with caution in mind.

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