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Paper Dimensions Charts :A Guide for Printing using Various Paper Sizes

May 30, 2010 | In: Business

Paper size charts are useful for determining the true measurements of particular paper formats/sizes. There are two systems that are greatly used currently these are the North American Standard and the ISO standard which includes the A sizes and its components. Both standards are utilized with several computerized word processors although the North American standard can be seen predominantly in most Operating Systems developed for the United States Market. Subsequently because of the variation in sizes and the two standards that exist having a paper chart is definitely important when printing. In most cases the letter or A4 size will be the default and can be used in a extensive range of printing applications yet there are other jobs that will need a variation in the default size. Remember that when changing the paper in your printer you will additionally need to alter the page information within your word processor before proceeding with any print jobs. If this is not done you will acquire printing flaws due to formatting issues.

North American

Name Size

Executive 7.5 x 10
A (letter) 8 1/2 x 11
Legal 8.5 x 14
B (ledger) 11 x 17
Super A3/B 13 x 19
C 17 x 22
D 22 x 34
E 34 x 44
F 28 x 40
G 11 x (22 1/2 to 90)
H 28 x (44 to 143)
H 28 x (44 to 143)
J 34 x (55 to 176)
K 40 x (55 to 143)

Additional Paper Sizes: The B and C series

There are different papers sizes that are utilized these are inclusive of the B series which is not as common but useful in specific circumstances and the C series which is used particularly for envelopes.

The B series while not used in most standard applications, serves a purpose. For example B1 is between A0 and A1 in relation to size and has a complete surface area of 0.707 metres2, resultantly B0 is one metre in width. Essentially most of the sizes in this standard are a fraction of a metre. B series paper can be used for printing books, envelopes and passports and other specialized printing mediums.

The C series is used for envelope printing and falls within the umbrella of the ISO 269 standard. The C series sizes are closely correlated with B and A sizes. In many cases the C series is slightly larger than its equivalent A size and is in turn a bit smaller than its equivalent B size. Hence a C4 sized envelope will house an A4 paper, both of which will fit in a B4 envelope sizes

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