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What Every Marketer Needs To Know About Copywriting

November 24, 2010 | In: Business

The best copywriters have found the secret of making their work seem simple. You may have read an effective sales letter and thought that it wouldn’t be that hard to write something similar yourself. On the other hand, you may also have actually tried to write a sales letter and discovered it wasn’t so easy after all. Copywriting is not easy, but it’s something anyone can learn the fundamentals of. In fact every internet marketer should make sure that he has at least a working knowledge of how to do some basic copywriting. Copywriting is essential for almost all aspects of online marketing, so you need this ability if you want to make sales! These are some of the basic rules of good copywriting:

Lets say you are promoting the POF Ad Uploader from Mr Green. Back in the day, it was ok to use all capital letters in words to really make your point. Today most readers react to capital letters the way that most people react to shouting. And in copywriting, you can use formats such as bolding, underlining, or italics to do emphasize a point. Another copy device is using a color such as red for the words you want to emphasize. Another consideration is it’s much harder to read words in all caps. Don’t be afraid of formatting because it can help you get your point across easily and accurately.

You can even add humor if it’s appropriate, but be careful that you don’t use too much. Some of the best sales pages on the internet use quite a bit of humor to keep the site viewer reading the page. One thing you can use humor for is to break the ice a little and that will help people to let down their guard. It’s hard sometimes to predict what people will do, but if you can make them laugh a little it could make them feel a bit more comfortable and stay on your site. It really depends on your market, so you have to judge between what’s appropriate. And of course never try too hard with these things, it won’t work.  Do all these things and you can write about a wide variety of topics like the POF Ad Uploader to free online dating services.

It’s fine to break some rules if you do something good with it. You pretty much want to always spell properly, but good copywriting ignore most rules of grammar. The fundamentals of copywriting are not hard to learn, and you’ll have a better understanding about this whole ‘rule breaking’ issue. Of course there can be a fine line, but not always – just try to use your best common sense about it.

The only thing that will ever sell is words written by a copywriter. The final destination for all your marketing and advertising efforts is your sales copy. It’s not exactly rocket science or quantum mechanics – but it will take some time to learn. It’s fine to hire writers for this, but you’ll have a deeper understanding of your own business if you learn something about it. Then you’ll at least be able to write your own copy if you don’t have the money to outsource it.

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