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Worldventures – Looking to Join Network Marketing and the Travel Industry

April 29, 2010 | In: Uncategorized

When searching for a company to join, it can be especially tricky to find businesses which are a good opportunity for your future. One area that seems to be catapulting now is travel related network marketing companies. People like to travel, so any company that helps to sell the idea of a better way of life is one that could be extremely successful. Worldventures is one such company.

Worldventures is a lifestyle company that offers travel related products. The company says that it uses the colossal power you get with the Internet and also word-of-mouth marketing strategies to position itself as a leader in the leisure travel industry. They’re a privately held company that’s headquartered in Texas. They also have representatives who reside in all of the 50 states.

The company was founded in December of 2005. The success of the company has actually been outstanding as they’ve experienced fast expansion even throughout the recession. They expanded their operations to an international level, and they are a privately owned company that is debt-free. The founders sought to merge the idea of network marketing with travel related industries. They call themselves a lifestyle company which seeks to help people travel more often using less money while also going to the finest locations.

The core product that they offer is called the DreamTrips Membership. They state that it’ll lead to enabling people to become debt-free while living their fantasy life. This membership has a one time charge and a small monthly charge that enables members to gain access to vacations that would otherwise be unavailable at their rates. Once someone has taken a couple of trips, typically they have been easily paid back for their membership.

They also have the second level of membership referred to as Luxury Dream Trips that is for the people who really desire the best in luxury while they’re traveling. This package will permit people to go to some of some of the most marvelous destinations in the world including high-end, luxurious accommodations that will only permit a small number of guests to even experience it.

The company has joined with the Rovia that is a fully bonded and licensed travel company that has more than 25 years of experience in the specialty of leisure travel. The company has their corporate offices in Texas while the ticket offices are in South Carolina that creates a type of hybrid host agency opportunity for people who desire to be in the home based travel business.

In 2006, which was the first year for Worldventures, this company offered 15 DreamTrips. In 2009, they were up to 259 DreamTrips. Every year the company plans to put in more and more of these types of trips including places like Maui, Thailand, Paris, Alaska, Madrid, Brazil and Rome among numerous others.

One of the more important points to bear in mind when picking a network marketing company is making sure that you’re able to get the right training as well. Worldventures takes care of that by providing regional training meetings every other month in over 12 markets across the US. These training events are standardized with one day’s worth of company approved content so that everyone is definitely on the same page when it comes to what the company stands for and what is being offered.

On top of that, they offer leadership acceleration workshops several times throughout the year, typically about once per quarter. These are live events which cover a variety of different topics including basic skillsets in addition to tips on how to build the most profitable business. This added training helps to position lots of people head and shoulders above their competition in the marketplace.

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